Accompanying Rules


1. Accompanying only with the consent and approval of the doctor.

2. A companion must be a person and should wear the companion card.

3. The companion card and the TV control of the room are provided from the floor secretary.

4. The relatives of the paid patients are obliged to pay the escort fee determined by the ministry.

5. The companions are obliged to abide by the rules set by the hospital management.

6. Accompanying persons must be above 15 years of age, who do not have any discomfort, if possible, first-degree relatives of the patient (13-14 years of age with the consent of Dr. and her parents)

7. A male companion cannot remain in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

8. A male companion is not allowed to stay with a female patient other than single rooms.

9. The companion can be found along with the patient's consent during medical care and visitation.

10. Do not put any food into the hospital.

11. Do not throw or hang anything out of windows.

12. Use clean toilets and baths. Dispose of toilet paper etc. in the garbage can in your toilet.

13. Keep the room where you are in charge and the beds and things you are responsible for.

14. Dispose of your packaging waste in a blue bag with dustbin

15. Do not leave patients except for compulsory cases. Inform a healthcare professional when you need to leave.

16. Do not damage the fixtures in patient rooms.

17. Do not make any noise in the rooms and corridors to disturb the peace.

18. Never smoke inside the hospital.

19. The visiting hours of our hospital are between 13.00 - 14.30 and 19.00-20.30 every day. Make sure your visitors arrive at this time.

20. The companions must show the companion card during the food delivery. (Without a companion card, no food is allowed).

21. The attendant nurse and the companion must show the escort card during the safety check.

22. It is forbidden to have a companion in the Intensive Care Unit.

23. When the patient is discharged, the companion card and the television control of your room are delivered to the floor secretary.