Goals and Objectives

                 OUR CORPORATE AIM
4 basic principles of all health systems and services;

 the principle of effectiveness (evidence-based medicine); In the light of technological advances,
solve in accordance with ethical rules.
 the principle of efficiency; To fulfill the work environment in accordance with quality standards,
 the principle of equity (basic / health law); patient and employee satisfaction at the highest level
 Quality of Service principle; To fulfill by providing quality and easily accessible health care,

                  OUR CORPORATE TARGETS

           To ensure the quality and safety of health services.
           Providing training including internal and external vocational training and institution activities;
           To increase the capacity, quality and sustainability of health infrastructure and technologies.
           The appropriate health of persons with special needs due to their physical, mental and social conditions
provide easier access to services
      Quality of Service;
           To increase satisfaction with the provision of health services.
           To reach our patients who need care at home and elderly.
           Developing social responsibility projects.