Our Values

                        OUR VALUES

To give importance to the experiences of the service recipients, to ensure their effective participation in our suggestion systems,
To evaluate the opinions and suggestions in the environment of trust we have created with our employees,

To be a trustworthy health institution by using our knowledge and experience,


With the awareness that knowledge is important in medical services,
To learn how to serve in the best way,
Providing services according to the information we obtain,


To be aware of our responsibilities within the sense of duty,
To be able to take on medical ethics and human values,


To be sensitive individuals towards society and environmental consciousness.


In our hospital, we serve
To be aware of our loyalty to our patients who have always trusted us from past to present,


Believing that our employees are the basis of our success,


I do not, we act with the approach, to be together in good and bad day,

Holistic Approach

Every human being is precious
To provide quality health service to all members of the society with the consciousness of providing health service in every condition and providing service under all conditions,

Transparency, Integrity

Ensuring the traceability of the information contained in the records of our Institution by the persons concerned,
To share and protect impartially, without compromising accuracy,

Total quality Management

To manage quality with a holistic approach and to provide quality service at any time,

our Differences
Our rooted history,
Our understanding of positive change,
Our determination,
Our adherence to the principles,
We are open to innovations,
Our ability to achieve successful results with our dynamic staff who are open to learning and have high responsibility.