T.C. MINISTRY OF HEALTH Izmir Provincial Health Directorate Urla State Hospital

T.C. Sağlık Bakanlığı T.C. MINISTRY OF HEALTH Izmir Provincial Health Directorate Urla State Hospital

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Updated: 04/10/2018


         Our Urla State Hospital Hemodialysis group was established in 2004. After the new Hospital was completed in 2014 our unit moved to more specious and comfortable position in our new hospital.

        We are continuing to embrace all patients with our friendly warm approach without giving up our world- wide standards.

         During daily treatment period our amenity provides individually oriented TV system (With the satellite connection), heahphone and internet connection to all our patients and in our comfortable environment you will not be effected anything including heat or cold in our airconditioned rooms. In any emergency situation like electrical shortage we have power generator UPS stand by and you will not experience any setback or interruption in our service. After the treatment we provide our patients a peaceful relaxation environment equipped with changeroom with lockers for each individual.

       We have the latest technology 4008 B 10+1 machine and a separate room fort he patient diagnosed hepatic B positive.

         By giving snagsduring dialysis we help our patients in their nutrition and help them to maintain their blood sugar affectively and continue treatment with comfort. Our nutririonists will evaluate your nutrition plan and help you to organize your diet effectively.

        Our unit has the biggest advantage of being located inside a general hospital. In case of any emergency we have the capability to provide any medical assistance to our patients if required. In our hospital we have the latest technology facilities such as tomography, ultrasound diagnosis and laboratory test units. Our doctors can easily help our patients in a very short time without any delay.

        Our pick-up and drop-off service with comfortable shuttle mini vans is extended even to remote areas and after each session our patients will be able to go back to their home without any hustle. Our patients are fully registered for any occurrence of organ transplantation. Our unit Works under highly sterilized and disinfection antiseptic condition. Water quality is consyantly checked and sixmoth water purification report is issued regularly. Our water system contanins Double Pass Reverse Osmoz with 8 membrane and 2 resin quality tanks. Our test results are being monitored momentarily by us and our head- Office.

        We highly recommend our patients to make their reservations while planning their trips to Turkey. You can easily make your reservation by phone , fax and mail or simplify filling out our form on line in our web site.

        When to come to our facility it is recommended that you have the following documents in your hand for registration.

         For tourists;

  • Travel policy
  • Passport
  • Policy from your private insurance company .

For patients coming for treatment with insurance policy;

  • YUPASS number obtained from Social Insurance Company (SGK)
  • Visa form obtained from SSK.
  • Medical Aid Form depending on Social Insurance Agreement.

With the help of these documents you will be eligible for refund.

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